12 teams. Thats it. 24 teams tried their hearts out to send a full team to the Olympics – half made it.
In qualifying order, they are:

1. United States
2. China
3. Romania
4. Russia
5. Italy
6. Great Britain
7. France
8. Brazil
9. Ukraine
10. Germany
11. Australia
12. Japan

These countries will battle it out in August to see which 8 teams make it to the Team Final, and which 4 teams will miss their shot at glory. This battle starts on Day 2 of Gymnastics Qualifications with 4 subdivisions. The event name next to the country or group name indicates the first event on which that country or group will compete.

Subdivision 1:
Vault- Romania
Uneven Bars- Mixed Group 4 (Slovakia, Croatia, Spain, Venezuela, Lithuania)
Balance Beam- China
Floor Exercise- Mixed Group 3 (Egypt, Vietnam, Hungary, Canada, Switzerland)

Subdivision 2:
Vault- Great Britain
Uneven Bars- Japan
Balance Beam- Italy
Floor Exercise- United States

Subdivision 3:
Vault- Russia
Uneven Bars- Germany
Balance Beam- Ukraine
Floor Exercise- Australia

Subdivision 4:
Vault- Mixed Group 1 (South Korea, Mexico, Czech Republic, Poland, North Korea, Belgium)
Uneven Bars- Mixed Group 2 (Sweden, Colombia, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Belarus, Greece, Finland)
Balance Beam- France
Floor Exercise- Brazil

Team Finals Predictions:

Romania, China, United States, Great Britain, Russia, Australia, France, Brazil