The Russian Cup starts on Saturday. It will decide the final 18 men and women who are to travel to the city of Leninsk-Kuznetsky in Siberia to the Russian training camp before they head to Beijing in August.

Front runners for the Russian women’s team are Anna Pavlova, Ksenia Semyonova, Yekatarina Kramarenko, Yulia Lozhechko, Ksenia Afanasyeva and Svetlana Klyukina. Pavlova, the Olympian from 2004 leads the charge in the race to make the team after recently winning the All-Around at the Dutch Open, and qualifying to the Vault and Floor Exercise event finals at the 2008 European Championships in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Anna Pavlova, FX, 2008 European Championships Team Final

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I’ll update with the results of the Russian Cup after the competition concludes.