Sweden’s Veronica Wagner will not be competing at her second Olympic Games next month in Beijing. A ruling made by the Swedish Olympic Committee (SOK) will keep Wagner home due to injuries. The SOK is sure to be the recipient of thousands of angry letters and e-mails because of this.

The ruling is contradictory to precedent. In 2004, Wagner competed at the Olympics in Athens with injuries, but still performed better than she ever had before. In that instance, the SOK didn’t even consider withdrawing her.  This also makes a HUGE dent in the wallets of the SOK who reportedly invested over 2 million Swedish Kroner ($334,176.83) in her training and travelling for competition. Not a smart move in their behalf, in my honest opinion.

On a personal note, this isn’t fair. She worked so hard to earn that spot, just to have it taken away from her.

It’s unfortunate.