Natthakan Khanchai of Thailand is unknown to… pretty much everyone. I first heard of Natthakan when I was an exchange student living in Thailand from 2005-2006. She is a long-time member of the Thai National Gymnastics Team, and deeper information than that is scarce. I can’t even find a photograph of Natthakan on the internet.

Natthakan’s Results:

2007 World Championships- 130th AA (47.850) (did not qualify to Olympics)
2007 SouthEast Asian Games- 2nd VT (13.212), 4th Team, 15th AA in Qualifying
2007 World University Games- 20th AA (49.45), 7th Team
2006 Senior Asian Championships- 9th Team, 16th AA (47.750)
2005 SouthEast Asian Games- 8th AA (30.536), 6th Team
2003 SouthEast Asian Games- 3rd Team, 3rd VT (8.475), 9th BB (7.175)

On a semi-relevant personal note: the 2007 SouthEast Asian Games were held in the city of Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, which happens to be the city I lived in as an exchange student. Its a wonderful city of rougly 100,000 people and is the gateway to the Northeast of Thailand, known to Thais and expats as Isan (ee-sahn).