Corrie Lothrop

By now, many in the American gymnastics world know of Corrie Lothrop and know a bit of her story.

Corrie Lothrop (USA) on the Balance Beam.

Corrie Lothrop (USA) on the Balance Beam.

Adopted at age three from China by gymnastics club owners from Massachusettes, Corrie Lothrop grew up in her parents’ gym, Yellowjackets Gymnastics in Danvers. After training at and competing for Yellowjackets, Corrie decided to try for the Elite level. This drove her to Hill’s Gymnastics and the highly-talented coach/owner Kelli Hill. Hill, as almost every American gymnastics fan knows, is responsible for great American gymnasts Dominique Dawes, Elise Ray and Courtney Kupets.

Under the guidance of Kelli Hill, Corrie made her way through the ranks of American Elite gymnastics. In 2006, Corrie competed at her first US Gymnastics Championships in St. Paul, Minnesota as a Junior. She finished the competition in 6th place, also picking up a bronze medal on the Uneven Bars.

2007 brought Corrie’s first international assignment, the Gymnix International in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This competition brought success for Corrie, who came home with a gold medal on the Vault, a silver medal with the USA Team, and bronze medals on the Uneven Bars, Floor Exercise and in the All-Around.

At the 2007 US Gymnastics Championships in San Jose, California, Corrie finished 9th in the All-Around, also picking up 3rd on the Vault and 5th on the Uneven Bars.

2008 proved to be quite the break-out year for Corrie. At the Pan-American Games Union Individual Championships, Corrie won a gold on the Vault, silvers on Uneven Bars and Balance Beam, and a bronze on the Floor Exercise. At the 2008 US Gymnastics Championships in Boston, Massachusettes, Corrie finished in 8th place in the All-Around, 9th on the Uneven Bars and 10th on the Balance Beam. Her 8th place finish at nationals earned her a trip to the US Olympic Trials in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her strong showing at Trials (and the subsequent training camp at the US National Training Center outside of Houston, Texas) won her a spot on the 2008 US Olympic Gymnastics Team as an alternate, alongside Ivana Hong (GAGE, Blue Springs, Missouri, coached by Al Fong and Armine Barutyan-Fong at the time, now of WOGA, Plano, Texas, coached by Valeri Liukin) and Jana Bieger (Bieger International, Coconut Creek, Florida, coached by Andrea Bieger).

Corrie uses unique skills in her routines, including a forward sole-circle to handstand on the Uneven Bars, and a switch-leg aerial cartwheel into back handspring + layout stepout on the Balance Beam. She is also only one of a handful of women in the world competing a “DosSantos” on the Floor Exercise, which is an Arabian double salto in the piked position, originated by Brasilian powerhouse gymnast Daiane DosSantos

Her success continues in 2009. So far this year, she has finished 3rd in the All-Around and on the Floor Exercise in a dual meet between the USA and Germany in Germany in May.

As of April 2009, Corrie has made a verbal commitment to compete for the University of Utah in NCAA competition.