Today, the oh so wonderful individuals of the FIG annouced that artistic gymnastics will now have a “Kiss&Cry” area where we can watch gymnasts sit on chairs and receive their scores.

No, we won’t get to see more routines. We will get dedicated empty camera time devoted to showing gymnasts NOT doing gymnastics.

It is the belief of this writer, who has spent 17 of his 21 years of life in and around the sport of gymnastics, that the average fan of gymnastics turns on the broadcast to see gymnasts doing gymnastics. They don’t tune in to watch gymnasts put on/take off their grips or sweats, or hug their teammates and coaches, or march from one event to the next, or rummage through their bag for a hair-tie or wrist guards or whatever. They want to watch gymnastic performances. It’s bad enough that the Terrible Trio and their employer, NBC, manage to “broadcast” gymnastics by showing the top 3-5 gymnasts doing 2-3 of their routines. Instead of wasting the airspace with POINTLESS video of non-gymnastics, why doesn’t NBC show more routines from other gymnasts and update the scores at the bottom of the screen so we see more gymnasts doing more gymnastics.

The full, disappointing and gut- wrenching article can be read at International Gymnast Online.