Daria Joura (Australia) on the Floor Exercise

Daria Joura (Australia) on the Floor Exercise

Many of us have been wondering (or speculating) on the status of Daria Joura of Australia. Injuries sustained in Beijing lead to sub-par performances from Dasha, sadly leaving her out of any finals.

I wrote to the Western Australia Institute of Sport (WAIS) a few days ago and recently received a response regarding her condition.

We are expecting that Gymnastics Australia will make an announcement
within the next fortnight regarding Dasha’s competitive status when they
confirm their squads for upcoming international events. Until that time
I can’t provide you with any concrete information I’m afraid.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.


Simon (WAIS)

Hopefully Daria will be receiving some international assignments and get herself back into top form.

Good luck, Dasha!