Potential medallists at Worlds.


Hong Un Jong (DPR Korea)-
She has an Amanar (6.50) and a Cheng (6.50). She is the Olympic Vault Champion. If she hits, she’ll likely win.

Hong on VT in the Vault Event Final

Ariella Kaeslin (Switzerland)-
She is the current European Vault Champion and has made numerous World Championship and World Cup finals in addition to making the Olympic Vault final, where she finished fifth. Ariella vaults a Yurchenko 1.5 (5.30) and a Laid-out Rudi (6.30)

Kaeslin on VT in Qualifications

Kayla Williams (USA)-
The current US National Champion and rumored to be competing an Amanar (6.50) and a Laid-out Rudi (6.30) in London; competed a Yurchenko Double Twist (5.80) and a Handspring Layout Half (5.40) at the US Championships.

Williams on the VT at the 2009 CoverGirl Classic, a qualifying meet for the US Championships.

More realistically, the gymnasts who puts two clean, 5.50 or higher difficulty vaults in front of the judges will be a medal-winner.

Uneven Bars-

He Kexin (China)-
The Olympic Uneven Bar Champion (by way of the tie-breaker of doom) may still have enough difficulty to overcome her muscled kips and bent arms.

Yang Yilin (China)

The Olympic Uneven Bars Bronze medallist looked decent at the Chinese National Games and could contend for a medal in London.

Ksenia Semenova (Russia)-

The 2007 World Uneven Bars Champion might be able to get away with bent arm pirouettes and a loose back and grab a medal in London.

Beth Tweddle (Great Britain)-

The 2006 World Uneven Bars Champion, Bronze medallist in 2003, 2005 and 2007 is in search of her second world title. She has intricate release combinations and pirouettes, but some people will argue to the death that her bars are too loose and bouncy. I, quite frankly, like Beth’s bar work and think she deserves a medal this year on her home turf.

Rebecca Bross (United States)-

She was strong on the first day of competition at the US Championships, having the highest score (15.050), but had two major issues on day two, only scoring a 13.350. She was the only gymnast to score about 15.000 at the championships and is a legitimate contender (pending consistent, clean routines) for an Uneven Bars medal.

Bridget Sloan (United States)-

The 2009 US National Champion on the Uneven Bars has a new, big release move in the form of a Toe-on Piked Tkatchev. She has clean lines (aside from the occasional flexed foot) and is consistent.

Balance Beam-

Yana Demyanchuk (Ukraine)-
Demyanchuk was the surprise European Champion on the Balance Beam this year. Crisp and clean gymnastics can be found throughout her routine.

Anamaria Tamirjan (Romania)-
The 2009 European Championships Silver medalist comes from a long line of great Romanian balance beam workers (think: Ponor, Milosovici, et al). She is clean and brings relatively high difficulty.

Ivana Hong (United States)-
Ivana’s newfound consistency and self-confidence led her to her first National title, coming on the Balance Beam this past August. She has beautiful lines and clean skills which she presents in a most elegant manner. Her full turn needs a bit of work, but with a solid routine, Balance Beam finals could very much be a reality.

Floor Exercise-

Beth Tweddle (Great Britain)-
Beth is the current European Champion on the Floor Exercise. Her dance is a bit lacking, but her tumbling is strong and what dance she has is clean.

Bridget Sloan (United States)-
Sloan, in addition to being the US Champion in the All-Around and on the Uneven Bars, is the US Champion on the Floor Exercise. She has very nice tumbling, though her Piked Full-In is sometimes inconsistent. Her dance work is usually rather clean and her landings are solid (most of the time).