So, as practically everyone has heard, the US Women’s World Championships team is:

Bridget Sloan
Ivana Hong
Rebecca Bross
Kayla Williams

Kayla Williams

Kayla Williams

We’ve all heard of the first three before (unless you’ve been living under a rock and NOT heard of Rebecca Bross), but Kayla Williams is a newcomer. She’s very strong on Floor Exercise and Vault, and is rumored to be competing an Amanar and Laid-out Rudi on Vault in London in just a few days time. Williams was the only woman at the 2009 National Championships to compete two different vaults, thus making herself the 2009 National Vault Champion.

Bridget Sloan is the US National Champion. She’s is consistent on Uneven Bars and Vault, but less so on Balance Beam (one fall at Nationals) and Floor Exercise (big rebound out-of-bounds on her Piked Full-In at Nationals). If she holds things together, she will do well.

Ivana Hong. She had consistency and confidence issues for the past few years, but now that she is training at WOGA, she has a seemingly renewed sense of belief in herself. She is the National Champion on the Balance Beam and will be competing on that apparatus as well as the Uneven Bars in London. Her Uneven Bar set is still a little bit inconsistent, but she is getting better, even nailing her Double Layout dismount on Day 2 of the National Championships.

Rebecca Bross is one tough cookie with a grab-bag of big skills. A Patterson dismount on the Balance Beam tops off a consistent, difficult routine. Her high Tucked Full-Out on the Uneven Bars is the perfect ending to a difficult, but rushed, set. Her vault is the standard Yurchenko Double Twist. Her Floor Exercise starts off with a Front Handspring + Front Layout + Tucked Double Front. It’s big. It’s beautiful. It will serve her well if she can keep it inbounds.

I foresee good things for the USA in London. Sloan and Bross are set to do well in the All-Around and could potentially make an event final or two (Sloan on UB, Bross on BB). If Williams is clean in qualifications, she will likely advance to both the VT and FX finals. Hong’s best shot for a spot in finals is on BB. She scored above 15.000 both days of the US Nationals, and that score should hold up at Worlds.