2009 US National Team Member from Hills Gymnastics in Silver Spring, Maryland…

Kytra Hunter (USA/Hills Gymnastics) on the Floor Exercise

Kytra Hunter (USA/Hill's Gymnastics) on the Floor Exercise

Kytra Hunter!!

1. Can you describe Kelli’s coaching methods? What is she like? What are your favorite and least favorite things about training at Hill’s?

“I would best describe Kelli’s coaching method as well thought out. She believes that it is critical for a gymnast to have a solid gymnastic foundation therefore; we work on basics everyday. I like the fact that she is very mindful in including me in the decisions of my skills. My favorite thing about training at Hill’s is the camaraderie. The team participates in a lot of activities in and outside of the gym.”

2. You are preparing to go to a World Cup in Croatia in November with Jana Bieger. What are your goals for this meet? Have you upgraded any of your routines since Nationals and if so what?

“I am very excited to have gotten the World Cup assignment to Croatia. My goals are to go in and hit my routines to the best of my ability. I am working on adding a ginger back into my bar routine, double layout full out on floor and standing Arabian on beam.”

3. What are your goals for the 2010 season? Do you plan to train Elite and NCAA?

“My plans for the 2010 season are to continue to upgrade skills. There are several skills that I would like to integrate back into my routines and new ones to debut : ). As far as training Elite/NCAA are concerned, I have not made any definite plans right now but know that there is a lot of gymnastics left in me. I’m not ruling anything out at the moment.”

4. Do you ever plan on training two vaults? If so what would they be?

“I am actually training a yurchenko 2 ½ as a second vault. I’ve even started playing around with front handspring front pikes and twisting them.”

5. What is your favorite skill on each apparatus? What’s been the hardest skill for you to master?

“My favorite skills are: Bars: hindorff…. Beam: double Arabian dismount….Floor: Any tumbling pass (I LOVE to fly!!!)…. Vault: yurchenko double full
The hardest skill that I’ve had to master is the double full which has become my favorite. Funny how things happen”

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