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Subdivision 3-

Marissa King (Great Britain)

Marissa King (Great Britain)

Bridget Sloan (USA) was wobbly but stayed on the Balance Beam. Floor was a challenge for her with low landings and an incomplete twist in her 1.5 through to triple pass. She vaulted a Double Twisting Yurchenko without much effort, and on the Uneven Bars had problems with her Toe-on 1/1 pirouette and her Full-twisting Double Layout dismount.

Beth Tweddle (Great Britain) was solid on the Floor Exercise with the exception of a stumble on her DosSantos. On the Uneven Bars she debuted a brandynewfresh Tucked Double-Double dismount and a Toe-on to Piked Jaeger. Uneven Bars was not without problem for Beth, though. She fell on her Schaposhnikova-1/2 and had issues with her Bi.

Ksenia Semenova (Russia) had some problems on the Balance Beam with her Onodi + back handspring + layout stepout linkage, as well as with her Double Pike dismount. She had an out-of-bounds on the Floor Exercise and had to tuck down her Yurchenko 1.5 vault in order to make the landing.

He Kexin (China) is only competing on the Uneven Bars in London and had her usual routine. She performed with loose legs on her Pak Salto and had some dismounting issues.

Marissa King of Great Britain and Ida Jonsson were solid today as well.

Subdivision 4-

Veronia Wagner (Sweden)

Veronia Wagner (Sweden)

Sweden’s Veronica Wagner returned to international competition after the dodgy decision by the Swedish Gymnastics Federation to not send her to compete in Beijing. She nailed a Tucked Double Front dismount from the Balance Beam, and has altered her tumbling on the Floor Exercise. She no longer competes the Piked Double Front, but instead opens with a Tucked Double Back and closes with a running Punch Tucked Double Front.

Koko Tsurumi (Japan) is a favorite to make the Balance Beam final this week. She had a clean set on the beam, but was a touch slow on her Onodi + Sheep Jump linkage. Her sole issue on the Floor Exercise was a hand down on her 2.5 + Front Layout 1/1. No major mistakes on the Uneven Bars, but was off on some of her pirouettes. She vaulted a 5.0 tariff Yurchenko Layout Full.

Gymnasts from North Korea, Argentina, Canada and France were also in this division.