is doing an AMAZING job of bringing the world some great updates from Day One of Women’s Podium Training from the O2 Arena in London.

Updates of interest:

Subdivision 1:

-Yang Yilin had clean floor, but was vaulting Double Twisting Yurchenkos to her knees. She was also reported to be having issues on Uneven Bars with her tucked full-out dismount, falling on each landing.

Gabriela Dragoi (ROU)

Gabriela Dragoi (ROU)

-Romanians Diana Chelaru and Gabriela Dragoi were on FX, BB and VT today, both doing well, but Chelaru was having form issues on her Double Twisting Yurchenko.

-Emily Armi (Italy) is apparently over her European Championships Uneven Bars meltdown and pulled together a clean set today in London. She was also solid on the Balance Beam and vaulted clean Full-Twisting Yurchenko vaults.

-Gymnasts from Puerto Rico, Sweden, Mexico, Israel looked a bit rough.

Subdivision 2:

-Ivana Hong and Kayla Williams (both of the USA) were in this division. Hong was doing well on Uneven Bars aside from her usually low Tkatchev and some issues on her Double Layout dismount. There were also issues with her leg-up full turn on the Balance Beam, as well as her Onodi + Sheep Jump linkage (worth 0.1 as a mixed D+D link.)

-Kayla Williams seems to be overcoming her issues with the Floor Exercise mat. She had mentioned in later days of last week that the floor was harder/less giving than she is used to. She is managing her tumbling well, but her Triple Full side pass is still a bit under-rotated. Reports state that her Laid-out Rudi vault is more like a Piked Rudi, and that her Double Twisting Yurchenko is “huge.”

Kim Bui (Germany)

Kim Bui (Germany)

-Kim Bui (Germany) had a decent day, with only a small wobble following her mount on the Balance Beam. She had issues regrasping the bar after her Geinger.

-China’s Deng Linlin was not having a good day, apparently…

Deng Linlin, stalder to overshoot, endo, endo ½, – Tkatchev, giant 1/1 (bad and lose rhythm), Pak, full twisting double layout (piked down). Not good. Second attempt, labored kip to HS, problems on pirouettes to Jaeger, and piked down again full twisting double layout.

-It was also reported that Deng botched all of her landings while working her Double Twisting Yurchenko vault. She reportedly downgraded to the 5.30-tariff Yurchenko 1.5, but sat that vault down as well.

Becky Wing (Great Britain) had a decent day with the exception of vault. She was missing her landings on her Yurchenko 1.5, but on her final go, tucked down and was able to salvage a landing without a fall.

-Young Portuguese star Zoi Lima had a clean day by all accounts, showing a flic + layout and Barani on the Balance Beam, and a strong Floor Exercise set with a Tucked Full-In (E), a layout 1.5 + front layout, a layout 2.5 twist, and a Double Pike.