Posters Bekah and Jeff5482 gave us this awesome way to understand world history by using gymnastic examples.

Bekah is studying for her AP euro test through gymnasts, i.e.

Koko Tsurumi (Japan) bombed Randi Lau (USA-Hawaii),
so Johnson (USA) bombed Tsurumi (Japan),
pissing off Chusovitna (now Germany),
who has just attacked LePennec (France) and Tweddle (Great Britain).

So then Khorkina (USSR) joined Johnson (USA) because they both hated Chusovitna (Germany),
even though they hated each other too.

Don’t forget about Ferrari (Italy): she became a Fascist, but in name only.
And while LePennec (France) was being attacked,
Furnon (non Allied France)secretly collaborated with Chusovitina (USSR) and Hambuchen (Germany).
But LePennec (France) doesn’t want to talk about it.

This is one of the most awesome reasons why I love the IG board.