Bridget Sloan (USA) falls on the Balance Beam on her front tuck scoring 13.325. Her Floor Exercise set had some issues on landings with her Triple Twist from 1.5 and her Piked Full-in. 13.600 for her on that piece.

Ksenia Semenova (Russia) only scores 14.200 on the Uneven Bars while Ana Porgras (Romania) scores 14.575 on the same apparatus.

Britain’s Marissa King nearly falls on the Balance Beam, but manages to stay on for a 13.400.

Ana Porgras nails her Balance Beam set in the second rotation for a 14.850 and the top spot on the apparatus thus far. Sui Lu of China clean on the Floor Exercise with a set that includes a whip + Triple Twist.

Beth Tweddle took some steps after a mistaken first tumbling line of Round-off + 1.5 + Round-off + Back Handspring + Tucked Double Arabian. Everything else was clean. 14.075 for second place on the apparatus.

UPDATE: Kayla Williams is currently the TOP QUALIFIER for the VAULT with a 14.812 average score!!!

Semenova scores 14.075 on the Balance Beam, overcoming her scary falls in podium training on Monday.

Progras (Romania) seems to be having a hit day in the O2.

Jana Komrskova of the Czech Republic sits in third place in the Vault Qualifications.

Marissa King moves into 3rd on Vault ahead of Komrskova with a STUCK Tsukahara 1.5 (14.25) and a Handspring Pike Half (13.45) for a 13.85 average!

Semenova falls on the Floor Exercise on her 1.5 + Front Layout Full, 12.775.

Porgras gets a 14.175 on the Floor Exercise. We should see her in the Finals.

Yana Demyanchuk of Ukraine falls off the Uneven Bars, but does three consecutive release skills. Score: 13.150.

Un Hyang Kim (DPR Korea) scored 14.775 on the Balance Beam! She did a Round-off + Layout Full Twist on the Beam and is in 2nd place on this apparatus.

Beth Tweddle misses her namesake release skill and taps her feet on her Ejova. Sad day for British Gym. Beth will not partake in the Uneven Bars Final 😦 scoring only 13.850.

Bridget Sloan scores 14.600 to secure herself a tentative spot in the Uneven Bars Finals.

Porgras leads the All-Around after three divisions. Bridget Sloan sits in 3rd, but is currently ranked 2nd on the Uneven Bars.

Yana Demyanchuk falls from the Balance Beam on her full turn.

He Kexin (China) was apparently magnificent on the Uneven Bars… scoring 15.975, by FAR the highest score of the competition for the Women. She will likely be the World Uneven Bars Champion by this week’s end.

After three subdivisions:

1. PORGRAS, Ana (Romania) 57.300
2. DENG, Linlin (China) 56.350
3. SLOAN, Bridget (USA) 56.075
4.  KURBATOVA, Ekaterina (Russia) 55.950
5. YANG, Yilin (China) 55.500