Who to look for in this final division:

Rebecca Bross (USA)
Rebecca Downie (Great Britain)
Ariella Kaeslin (Switzerland)
Anamaria Tamirjan (Romania)
Ana Maria Izurieta (Spain)
Lauren Mitchell (Australia)

First Rotation:

Germany’s Anja Brinker just posted a 13.650 on the Uneven Bars for a clean routine with a few missed handstands.

Ariella Kaeslin clean on the Floor Exercise.

Lauren Mitchell scored 13.750 on the Uneven Bars, just a small step on her dismount.

Rebecca Bross scored 14.250 on the Vault, a Double Twisting Yurchenko with a step back and out of bounds.

Anna Myzdrikova (Russia) was clean on the Balance Beam.

Becky Downie performed no acro series (break in connection) on the Balance Beam and staggered back on her dismount so much so that she rolled off the podium, socring 12.500 (4.6/7.90).

Izurieta was clean on the Floor Exercise, but a bit short on her Layout 2-1/2.

Second Rotation:

Ariella Kaeslin piked down her Handspring Rudi and had a step back for a 15.075. Her second attempt was a Yurchenko 1.5 for a score of 13.575. Her average is a 14.325 and sits in 3rd place going into the Vault Event Final.

American Kayla Williams will be the top qualifier going into the Vault Event Finals in her First ever Elite International Competition. Congratulations, Kayla!!

Lauren Mitchell survived the Balance Beam. Her Humphrey turn was a little short and her Switch Ring Leap wasn’t as good as it could have been. She scored a 14.200 and is, at this point, the First Reserve for the Balance Beam Event Finals.

13.325 for Elsa Garcia of Mexico on the Floor Exercise. She had a small stumble on her Triple Turn, but had a nice Tucked Double Arabian.

Anna Myzdrikova moves into 1st place on the Floor Exercise over Sui Lu of China with her 14.500.

Rebecca Bross swung a good set of Uneven Bars to score 15.050 and qualify for the Uneven Bars Event Finals in 2nd place!

Becky Downie was good on the Floor Exercise, but only scored a 13.300

Anamaria Tamirjan scored 13.700 on the Uneven Bars.

Third Rotation:

Anamaria Tamirjan has fallen off the Balance Beam. 5.50/7.40/12.900.

Elsa Garcia scores 14.075 on her first Vault, a Yurchenko 1.5 (5.30/8.775). Her second Vault is a Piked Podkopayeva (5.20-tariff).

Rebecca Bross put her hand down on her Patterson dismount from the Balance Beam, scoring 14.150 and putting her out of the running for a spot in the Balance Beam Event Finals.

Becky Downie performed two clean vaults, a Double Twisting Yurchenko, and a Yurchenko 1/2-on Pike off (5.00-tariff). Her 13.850 average puts her as First Reserve for the Vault Event Finals.

Anna Myzdrikova has moved into 3rd place on the Vault, performing a nice Double-Twisting Yurchenko (5.80-tariff) and a Laid-out Podkopayeva (5.40-tariff).

Lauren Mitchell posts a 14.050 and is 5th on the Floor Exercise ahead of Kayla Williams and Bridget Sloan (USA).

Fourth Rotation:

Izurieta (Spain) strong on the Balance Beam. 5.70/8.325/14.025

Lauren Mitchell’s 14.475 on the Vault puts her in 2nd place in the All-Around, with a total of 56.675.

Anamaria Tamirjan on the Floor Exercise 5.50/8.025/13.525

Rebecca Downie survives Uneven Bars.

Rebecca Bross moves into 1st in the All-Around (with a fall on the beam). She scored 13.95 to knock Kayla Williams out of the Floor Exercise Event Finals.

Ariella Kaeslin survives Balance Beam.

Top 6 Group for All-Around Finals:

BROSS, Rebecca (USA)
PORGRAS, Ana (Romania)
MITCHELL, Lauren (Australia)
DENG, Linlin (China)
SLOAN, Bridget (USA)
KURBATOVA, Anna (Russia)