The Men’s Competition has finished.

Congratulations to World Champions: Gold Medallist KOHEI UCHIMURA (Japan), Silver Medallist DANIEL KEATINGS (Great Britain), and Bronze Medallist YURY RYAZANOV (Russia).

Here are your quick-hits.

Rotation 1:

Jon Horton (USA) will start on the Floor Exercise- he starts with a 1.5 through to Double Front (fall), japanese handstand roll out, tucked double double (low with step), 1.5 tuck rollout with 1.5 twists, layout 2.5 + tuck 1/1, tucked full-in out. Scores a 13.775

Japan’s Kazuhito Tanaka scores 13.200 on Pommel Horse after a fall.

Britain’s Kristian Thomas was clean on Pommels for a 13.600.

Compatriot Daniel Keatings was solid on the floor, but with 2 OOB for a 14.250.

Yury Ryazanov (Russia) just owned Pommel Horse with a quick, clean, solid routine. Scores a 13.400.

Tim McNeill (USA) scores 14.500 on FX with a 2.5 +tucked barani, 1.5 tucked rollout, circles, 1.5 + front tuck and a 2.5 dismount.

Maxim Devyatovsky (Russia) on FX: Double Layout 1/1,  1.5 + tuck 1/1, 2.5 + tucked barani + front tuck, Russians, japanese handstand rollout, arabian 1.5 rollout, tucked full-in dismount. Form is a bit messy, but solid. Score: 15.000

Alexander Shatilov (Israel) is readying himself for the Pommel Horse. 14.075

Kohei Uchimura (Japan):  front 2.5 side pass, tucked double double STUCK, front layout 1/1 + tuck full, Russians, tucked 1.5 with 1.5 twists, triple twist. Score: 15.625

Tucked DOUBLE Front Vault from Nicolas Boeschenstein of  Switzerland, squat on the landing and a big hop, but HUGE vault, 15.600

Mykola Kuksenkov (Ukraine): 2.5 + tuck 1/1, flairs into Russians, japanese handstand, front tuck 1.5 roll out, tucked 1.5 rollout with 1.5 twists, triple twist. Scores a 15.050.

Sergio Munoz (Spain) competes a nice Tsukahara Layout 2.5 for a 15.975.

Benoit Caranobe (France) competes a Tsukahara Double Pike with a big step for 16.025.

Artsiom Bykau (Belarus) on Still Rings has a swingy set, but makes it through with a Piked Double Front dismount. 14.200

Benoit Caranobe, Sergio Munoz and Kohei Uchimura lead, in that order, after the 1st rotation. McNeill (USA) in 9th, Keatings (GBR) in 10th, Horton (USA) in 19th, Thomas (GBR) 20th.

Rotation 2:

Keatings (Great Britain) on Pommels is smooth and clean. GREAT SET! And a 15.500 caps it off!

Thomas (Great Britain) on Still Rings is less swingy than Bykau and holds his strength positions wonderfully.  STUCK Double Layout Full dismount. Britain is putting the heat on the field. Scores a 14.575.

McNeill (USA) on Pommel Horse is a bit soft in his feet but manages a clean routine. Good set for Tim. 15.000 for his work.

Ryazanov (Russia) is up on the Still Rings and pulls right into a cross. He works very steadily here, with a Piked Double Front off and a large hop. Scores a 14.825 here.

Devyatovsky (Russia) is up next on the Pommels. He works fast, which causes some form breaks, but no falls. Hesitant on his dismount. He endured a rip, and scores a 13.425.

Alexander Shatilov (Israel) up now on Still Rings, Very steady and focused. Double Tuck with 1.5 twists dismount, very cool! He gets a 14.225

Next up on the Pommel Horse is Kohei Uchimura (Japan). He swings very high here, and has excellent form. Great set for Uchimura, and a 14.900.

Nicolas Boeschenstein (Switzerland) on the Parallel Bars. Small hop on his Double Pike dismount. Scored 14.625. Nico is competing on an injured right hand. Good job for him!

Mykola Kuksenkov (Ukraine) on the Pommel Horse is clean and quick. Decent set, should score decently. 14.600

Sergio Munoz (Spain) on the Parallel Bars has an issue following a pirouette, qucik Double Pike dismount with a shuffle backward. 13.100

Jonathan Horton (USA) up on the Horse, and its nearly as tall as he is, clean so far, and takes a fall after missing a hand placement, has a second mishap leading up to the dismount. Not the best day for Jon so far, only scoring 11.100.

Benoit Caranobe (France) on Parallel Bars takes a fall on a handstand,  finishes with a strong Double Pike dismount. 13.000

Artsimo Bykau (Belarus) vaults a nice Tsukahara Double Twist but lands out of bounds 15.525.

Jorge Lopez (Colombia) vaults a Tsukahara Double Twist 15.225

After 2 rotations: Uchimura, Boeschenstein, Keatings. McNeill 5th, Horton 24th, Thomas 21st.

Rotation 3:

McNeill (USA) on the Rings. Loose form in the legs, a mishap on the start, but a nice Tucked Double-Double dismount for a 14.325.

Thomas (Great Britain) vaults a very clean Yurchenko Layout 2.5, for a 15.800 score.

Roman Gisi (Switzerland) on the Parallel Bars takes many steps after a HUGE stumble on his Double Pike dismount. Score: 13.525

Devyatovsky (Russia) is up next on Still Rings, a bit loose in his back, and a hop on his Double Layout Full dismount. Score: 15.075

Ryazanov (Russia) vaulted a very nice Yurhcenko Layout 2.5 with just a hopt forward on the landing for a 15.925.

Uchimura (Japan) on the Still Rings is doing very well capped off by a very clean Tucked Double-Double dismount. Score: 15.525

Enrico Pozzo (Italy) is a bit hesitant on the Parallel Bars, but a nice Double Pike dismount to end the routine. Score: 14.075

Kuksenkov (Ukraine) on Still Rings with a nice Piked Double Front dismount and a small hop. Score: 14.400

Luis Rivera (Puerto Rico) vaults a nice Tsukahara Double Twist for a 15.325..

Boeschenstein (Switzerland) is up on the Hi-Barnice straight Markelov jam to handstand 1/2, Tucked Kovacs jam, inverts, stalder. Laid-out Double-Double dismount. Score: 14.100

Lopez (Colombia) on Parallel Bars is a bit loose in the legs and is short on some handstands, but performs well to a clean Piked Double Back dismount. Score:

Keatings (Great Britain) on the Rings (big roar from the crowd) and does a great set with a Double Tuck with 1.5 twists dismount. Great job for Daniel! 14.200.

Tanaka (Japan) does a  nice Tsukahara Double Twist vault, 15.400.

After three rotations: Uchimura, Lopez, Boeschenstein. Thomas 7th, Keatings 8th, McNeill 9th, Horton 24th,

Rotation 4:

Devyatovsky (Russia) on Vault: Handspring Tucked Double Front, sits it down. Score: 14.875

Ryazanov (Russia) on Parallel Bars: short a handstand near the start, clean the rest of the way though a bit hesitant, STUCK Piked Double Back. Score: 14.925

Uchimura (Japan) on Vault: a very clean Yurchenko Layout 2.5. Score: 16.050

Kuksenkov (Ukraine) on Vault: Tsukahara Layout Double Twist to his kness and steps off the mats. Score: 14.400

Rivera (Puerto Rico) on the Parallel Bars is clean with a hop on his Piked Double Back dismount. Score: 13.425

Lopez (Colombia) on Hi-Bar: layout markelov, forward stalder 1/1, unknown release, forward clear hip, jam to handstand, forward stalder, stalder to blind change, Double Layout full dismount. Score: 14.150

Keatings (Great Britain) on Vault: NICE Tsukahara Layout Double Twist. Very cleanly performed with a small hop. Score: 15.450

Boeschenstein (Switzerland) on the Floor Exercise: Double Layout (hop out), Front Layout 2/1 + Front Tuck, 2.5 + Barani side pass, Russians, press to Japanese handstand, whip to arabian layout 1.5, sat down the final pass. Score for Nicolas: 14.425

Thomas (Great Britain) on Parallel Bars does clean, controlled work with great form and hit handstands and a nice Piked Double Back dismount. Score: 13.975

McNeill (USA) on Vault: clean Yurchenko Double Twist. Score: 15.300

Tanaka (Japan) on Parallel Bars is very efficient, but lands low on his Piked Double Back dismount. Score: 15.075

After four rotations: Uchimura, Keatings, McNeill. Thomas 11th, Horton 23rd.

Rotation 5:

Philip Boy (Germany) on Pommel Horse does a clean set. Score: 13.425

Kuksenkov (Ukraine) on Parallel Bars: 14.200

Lopez (Colombia) on Floor Exercise: Tucked Double Arabian, Front Layout 2/1, 2/1 side pass, russians, Front Layout 1/1 + Tuck 1/1 + Layout 13.250

Boeschenstein (Switzerland) on Pommel Horse was good, bit had form issues. Score: 11.775

Keatings (Great Britain) on Parallel Bars: excellent set, a nice and tidy performance with a great Piked Double Back dismount to cap it off. Score: 15.050

Tanaka (Japan) on Hi-Bar: jam to full + markelov, jam 1/2, stalder 1/2,  forward stalder full, front giant 1/1, jam, Laid-out Double-Double dismount. Score: 14.900

McNeill (USA) on Parallel Bars: small mistake off the top, and on a pirouette, seems a bit rushed, big step on his Piked Double Back dismount. Score: 14.200

Ryazanov (Russia) on Hi-Bar: jam 1/2, jam 1/1, markelov, german giants, forward stalder 1/1, giant 1/1,s talder, Laid-out Double-Double, two big steps off the mat, hand down. Score: 14.500

Devyatovsky (Russia) on Parallel Bars: a lot of small form breaks, two hops on his very common Piked Double Back dismount. Score:

Pozzo (Italy) on Floor Exercise: whip + tucked 1.5 with 1.5 twists, 1.5 + front 2/1, tucked full-in, flairs, 2.5. Score: 14.750

Thomas (Great Britain) on Hi-Bar: laid-out markelov, straight Tkatchev, straddle Tkatchev, Tkatchev half, forward stalder, forward stalder 1/1, jam to ahndstand, stalder, Double Layout fill. Score: 14.400

Uchimura (Japan) Parallel Bars: 14.725

After five rotations: Uchimura, Keatings, Tanaka. McNeill 5th, Thomas 9th, Horton 17th.

Rotation 6:

Kuksenkov (Ukraine) on Hi-Bar: Full-Twisting Kovacs Tucked (fall), stalder 1.5, jam full, markelov, giant 1/1, giant 1/2, jam to handstand, stalder forward, giant 1/2 forward, Double Layout full dismount. Score: 14.375

Lopez (Colombia) on Pommel Horse: was going clean but had a fall, finished strong. Score: 13.350

Tanaka (Japan) on Floor Exercise: Tucked Double-Double, 1.5 + front layout 1/1 +front 1.5 low triple full dismount. Score: 14.650

Keatings (Great Britain) on Hi-Bar: markelov straight, stalder to blind, jam 1/2, jam ahndstand, stalder forward to stalder forward full, Double Layout full STUCK. Score: 14.475

McNeill (USA) on Hi-Bar: markelov, stalder forward 1/1, forward clearhip 1/1, stalder foward 1.5, jam to handstand, inverted giants, Tucked Double-Double dismount. Score: 13.825

Thomas (Great Britain)on Floor Exercise: Piked Double Arabian, front 1/1 + front 2/1, front tuck 1/1 + Tucked Barani, Russians, japanese handstand, layout 1.5 roll-outwith 1.5 twists, Tucked Double Arabian. Score: 15.000

Ryazanov (Russia) on Floor Exercise: front layout + front 2/1, Tucked Double Arabian, front tuck 1.5 roll-out, double twist, flairs, Japanese handstand, russians, 2.5 twist. Score: 14.825

Devyatovksy (Russia) on Hi-Bar: Score: 14.550

Uchimura (Japan) on Hi-Bar: Piked Kovacs, stalder 1.5, Tucked Kovacs, Tucked Kovacs 1/1, giant 1.5, , Endo 1/1, Endo, Double-Twisting Double Layout Dismount. Score: 14.975