The men are currently on the Floor Exercise and are doing quite well.

The women make their Event Final debut in just a few minutes on the Vault, where Olympic Champion Hong Un Jong (DPR Korea) going head-to-head with American newcomer Kayla Williams.

The men will also compete on the Pommel Horse and Still Rings today, with the women competing on the Uneven Bars in addition to the Vault.

Marian Dragulescu (Romania) wins the GOLD on Men’s Floor Exercise over Zou Kai (China) who was the Olympic Champion, and Alexander Shatilov (Israel). Steven Legendre (USA) finished in 8th place.

The Start List for Women’s Vault:

1. MYZDRIKOVA, Anna (Russia)
2. KAESLIN, Ariella (Switzerland)
3. HONG, Un Jong (DPR Korea)
4. WILLIAMS, Kayla (USA)
5. GARCIA, Elsa (Mexico)
6. ROGERS, Brittany (Canada)
7. KURBATOVA, Ekaterina (Russia)
8. DUFOURNET, Youna (France)


Myzdrikova 1- Laid-out Podkopayeva with slightly bent kneeds and a hop on the landing. (5.60/8.775[-0.1]/) 14.275
Myzdrikova 2- Double-Twisting Yurchenko, messy knees, low chest on the landing and a large step out of the area (5.80/8.475[-0.1])14.175 14.225

Kaeslin 1- Handspring Laid-out Rudi, piked down, step across the back. (6.30/8.775) 15.075
Kaeslin 2- Yurchenko Layout 1.5, tucked down, but a decent landing with only a small shuffle out of bounds. (5.30/8.775[-0.1]) 13.975 14.525

Hong 1- Amanar, sits it down and out of bounds (6.50/8.025[-0.1]) 14.425
Hong 2- Cheng, to her knees. (6.50/[-0.1]) 14.100 14.262

Williams 1- (didn’t see due to feed freeze. grr) Handspring Laid-out Rudi, very clean (6.30/8.900) 15.200
Williams 2- Double-Twisting Yurchenko STUCK SOLID! (5.80/9.175) 14.975 15.087
GO KAYLA!!!!!! 😀

Garcia 1- Yurchenko Layout 1.5, short on landing with a step back. (5.30/8.800[-0.1] 14.000
Garcia 2- Podkopayeva missed and landed face-down, was late pulling into her pike. Smiling and happy. (5.20/7.475[-0.1]) 12.575 13.287

Rogers 1- Double-Twisting Yurchenko, Low chest on the landing. (5.80/8.625) 14.425
Rogers 2- Laid-out Podkopayeva lose legs and steps out on the landing (5.60/8.475[-0.1]) 13.975 14.200

Kurbatova 1- Double-Twisting Yurchenko. Clean, small hop on the landing. (5.80/8.925) 14.725
Kurbatoba 2-  Laid-out Podkopayeva, very piked throughout and low on the landing, but nearly to the knees. (5.60/8.450[-0.1]) 13.950 14.337

Dufournet 1- Yurchenko 1.5, very nice line, small step on the landing. (5.30/8.975) 14.275
Dufournet 2-  Laid-out Podkopayeva, clean lines and solid landing. (5.60/9.025) 14.625 14.450

1. WILLIAMS, Kayla (USA) 15.087 (15.200/14.975)
2. KAESLIN, Ariella (Switzerland) 14.525 (15.075/13.975)
3. DUFOURNET, Youna (France) 14.450 (14.275/14.625)
4. KURBATOVA, Ekaterina (Russia) 14.337 (14.725/13.950)
5. HONG, Un Jong (DPR Korea) 14.262 (14.425/14.100)
6. MYZDRIKOVA, Anna (Russia) 14.225 (14.275/14.175)
7. ROGERS, Brittany (Canada) 14.200 (14.425/13.975)
8. GARCIA, Esla (Mexico) 13.287 (14.000/12.575)

Women’s Uneven Bars

He Kexin (China)- jump to HB, Ono, Bi, Li Ya combo, straight Jaeger + Pak, toe shoot, tucked full-out small shuffle. 7.10/8.900/16.100

Cha Yong Hwa (DPR Korea), stalder shoot, hop full + Def, Ono, jam to handstand, empty swing, Jaeger + Pak, toe shoot, muscled kip, Double Layout stuck. 6.30/8.350/14.650

Koko Tsurumi (Japan)- toe-on to toe shoot, Ono, Jaeger, bail, stalder shoot, giant full, Double Layout small hop. 6.20/8.675/14.875

Serena Licchetta (Italy)- jump to HB, giant bling, missed endo, empty swing, missed endo, Tkatchev + Comaneci (fall), bail, toe shoot, giant full, Double Layout small hop. 5.10/6.850/11.950

Larissa Miller (Australia)- KCH, toe shoot, inbar full + Geinger, bail, stalder shoot, in bar half, Jaeger, KCH hald, inbar, tucked full out stuck!

Bridget Sloan (USA)- KCH, toe on hald, endo hald, toe-on shaposhnikova, giant full + Tkatchev, Church, bail, stalder hecht, Double Layout full small step. 5.90/8.700/14.600

Ana Porgras (Romania)- inbar, stalder shoot, stalder 1.5 (late + Jaeger), stalder full, bail, stalder full, toe hecht, Double Layout. 6.30/8.375/14.675

Rebecca Bross (USA)- toe-on full, toe shoot, inbar full + Tkatchev, stalder half to Jaeger, stalder full, Pak, toe stalder shoot, tucked full out, step. 6.2/8.475/14.675