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2009 Senior National Team Member…

Cassie Whitcomb

It isn’t exactly 5 questions, but she did answer quite a few questions for the IG Forum.

Cassie Whitcomb

Cassie Whitcomb

I chose UCLA for academic reasons. I would like to study marine biology and UCLA had the best program for it.

Right now I am training full sets for my upcoming competition in Tokyo Japan in December. I also make time to work on some upgraded skills as well.

A typical day with Mary Lee is coming into the gym saying hi. You can tell her anything. In workout she really tries to explain thiings to you and make sure you understand. She listens to you. Even after workout we can call her at any time if we need something or even if we just need to talk to someone. She is like a second mom to us.

No, the USA is not going to the DTB cup.

I am working on a higher bar start value.

On vault, I am working on the yurchenko 1 1/2 and double.
On bars, I have added an inside toe full into my gienger, I am working on adding a stalder full after my sh[oo]tover and possibly getting a stalder hect in the begining of my routine.
On beam, I am working on a standing full, torjette 1/2, and upgrading my dismount.
On floor, I am working on back 2 1/2 to front full and back 1 1/2 to front double.

My goals for the upcoming international competition is to have upgraded my routines on floor and bars to show the difficulty. I would also like to medal in floor and bars and also have fun and maybe even learn some new things while I am there. Each competition is an opportunity to learn something new and meet new people.

Yes, the old CGA elites stop by every once in a while. Most are in college, so they visit whenever they can. I love seeing them again because it brings back so many memories.

I do not know if I will continue elite once I am in college. I do plan to defer a year so that I may try for the 2012 games.

I look up to Shannon Miller the most in gymnastics. Outside of gym, I would have to say my mother. They are great role models to everyone.

I feel like my signature is bars. Many things contribute to that. Like my shapes and my toe point. I am also know for putting beauty into my gymnastics.

Goals for my elite career are to make world team, 2012 olympic team, and of course learn as many life lessons along the way. I also want to get as many international assignments as I can for experience.

I do not have a single best friend from the national team. They are all my friends and we all get along very well. But if I had to choose it would be my teamate, Amanda Jetter.

Shayla Worley is my mentor. She helps me through rough time and is there for the good times too. She is a person that I can just got to for anything. We have become great friends because of this and yes we do tweet each other a lot.