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There is a new segment over on the International Gymnast Magazine Forum ( called “Around The Chalk Bowl”, set up by poster Bekah (creator of “5 Questions With…”).

In this segment, we ask a general question to all of the elite gymnasts.

The first question: Do you have any specific goals for PanAms (Pan American Championships) Camp?

“I am going to train hard and do my best! I have some new skills on beam that I will continue to work on. My main goal is to stay positive and confident.”

– Briley Casanova, WOGA, Age 14

“My goals for camp are to go there and set a good impression for my coaches/ team, to be noticed and … invited back and to try my best.”

Kiana Winston, Texas Dreams, Age 13

“My main goal is to stay on all the equipment when we show our skills, and also just to have fun!”

McKenzie Wofford, Stars, Age 14

“My goals for this camp are to make a good impression on Martha and get invited back!”

Kennedy Baker, Texas Dreams, Age 13

Keep checking back for more answers and more questions!!