Gymnasts were asked: What’s your favorite USA Team leotard and which club leo that you’ve worn is your favorite?

“My favorite USA leo is the dark purple with the three rows of sparkles on the chest, I wore it the second day of trials. My favorite club leo was the black and orangish one I wore the second day of championships in 08.”
– Chellsie Memmel, M&M Gymnastics

“My favorite club leo that I have worn was a teal “peacock” leo. It was shatter-glass on the bottom with sheer arms filled with rhinestones. I wore it at classics as a junior. My favorite USA leo was the all white one with a hot pink border that ran from the ribs up around the neck and had a keyhole back. I competed in Ireland wearing it.”
Shayla Worley, Orlando Metro/University of Georgia

“I don’t necessarily have a favorite leotard, but I LOVE red leotards. That is my favorite color to wear when I compete. I feel energized and confident in red.”
– Sam Peszek, Sharp’s

“My favorite National team leo is the red, white, blue, and gold starfish leotard! It is very pretty and it is special to me because it was one of the leotards that team USA wore in Beijing for the Olympics. My favorite WOGA leo is the black and gold/ribbon because I performed well in that leo and made the National Team for the first time in it!”
– Briley Casanova, WOGA

“I like the red and white leo we wore for prelims at Worlds. My favorite club leo was the [purple] one I wore to Championships on day 2.”
– Kayla Williams, Gym Nest

“I love the red with the three white stripes across the chest!! It feels so USA!! Club Leo would have to be the purple I wore to 2007 Championships.”
– Chelsea Davis, Texas Dreams


“My favorite national team leo that I’ve worn was the red flame leo that the girls wore at the Olympics for Team Finals. My favorite club leo is the maroon one from 2009 Visa’s. I actually didn’t get to wear it, my teammate wore it, but I thought it was so pretty and it had our Hill’s angel in jewels on the sleeve.”
Corrie Lothrop, Hill’s Angels