Gymnasts were asked:
What’s your school situation like? How does it fit in with your daily schedule?

“Right now, I go to physical therapy twice a week in the morning, then I go to school for 3rd-8th period. 9th grade through 11th grade I went to morning practice, school 10-2, then afternoon practice. My school was very cooperative and supportive of me, since I traveled so much, they were usually helpful in giving me schoolwork ahead of time.”
– Corrie Lothrop, Hill’s Angels

“I did correspondence for a year and a half in high school then went back to regular high school for my junior and senior year. I would go to school when it started then leave an hour early for training. When I left for competitions, I would get all the work that I could ahead of time. If there were some things that I missed I would do them when I got back.”
– Chellsie Memmel, M&M

“I’m home schooled because I have practice twice a day and I live an hour and fifteen minutes away from the gym. Usually I will practice from eight to ten-thirty in the morning, then I will do my homework and eat lunch between ten-thirty and three-thirty, which is when I start practice again. I stay at the gym most days to do my homework because it’s easier than spending two and a half hours driving all the way home and back for nothing. I do all of my subjects online except for math, because I do math in the car on the way to practice. Overall, it works out pretty well.”
– Kamerin Moore, Geddert’s Twistars

“Right now, I get all my classes in from 9-12:30 then head to the gym from 1-5. It works out great because I have the entire night to get homework done, tutoring, and [my] other obligations.”
–Shayla Worley, Orlando Metro/University of Georgia

“I have always gone to a private catholic school and attended regular classes. I like being grounded by school and having school friends and that “normal life.” However, I usually leave a class or two early to make it to practice on time. Whenever I leave for a camp or a meet, my teachers are usually very understanding and will let me make up all my work. I am one of those kids that loves going to school for the academic and social aspects of it!”
– Sam Peszek, Sharp’s

“I’m currently a junior in high school and I do go to public school. I do 2 online classes and 5 in public school. I go to public school from about 10-3:20”
– Kayla Williams, Gym Nest

“I go to school from 12:30-3:00, Monday through Thursday. On Friday I have art class from 1:00-3:00. It fits pretty well with my busy schedule.”
– Briley Casanova, WOGA

“I go to a public charter school. I go to gym In the morning then school then back to gym in the evening! They are great with my schedule!”
– Chelsea Davis, Texas Dreams