Multiple US National Team Members as well as an Olympian from Great Britain and a Canadian World Championships team member have signed on to compete for an array of American universities.

University of Florida

Britain’s Marissa King (London, United Kingdom), a competitor at the 2008 Olympic Games and 2009 World Championships joins a slew of talented athletes at the University of Florida.
Joining her are US National Team Members
Mackenzie Caquatto (Naperville Gymnastics/ Naperville, Illinois)
Kytra Hunter (Hill’s Gymnastics/ Frederick, Maryland)
Alaina Johnson (Texas East Gymnastics/ Tyler, Texas).

In addition to those three US National Team Members,
there are two standout Junior Olympic athletes that will join the Gator lineup,:
Liz Green (Texas Dreams/ Coppell, Texas) and
Brittany Noble (Orlando Metro/ Orlando, Florida).


University of Georgia

Joining the GymDogs this year are:

World Championships Gold Medallist Shayla Worley (Orlando Metro/ Orlando, Florida),
along with:
Christa Tanella (WOGA/ Allen, Texas)
Noel Couch (North Stars/ Towaco, New Jersey) and
Kati Breazeal (WOGA/ Allen, Texas)


University of California – Los Angeles

Joining the Bruins for 2010-2011 are:
Samantha Peszek (Sharp’s Gymnastics/ McCordsville, Indiana)
Mattie Larson (All-Olympians Gymnastics/ Los Angeles, California)
Olivia Courtney (Orlando Metro/ Orlando, Florida)
Sydney Sawa (Calgary Gymnastics Centre/ Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


Other universities signing gymnasts:

University of Alabama- Becca Alexin, Olivia Carisella, Sarah DeMeo, Kimberly Jacob, Jordan Moore and Hannah Toussaint.

University of Arkansas- Katherine Grable.

Auburn University- Abigail Habicht and Aliaksandra Tsikhanovich.

University of California-Davis – Madeline Kennedy.

University of Illinois- Sarah Fielder, Elizabeth McNabb and Amber See.

Louisiana State University- Gabrielle Swart.

University of Minnesota- Dusti Russell.

University of Missouri- Cathryn Aliceaacosta, Taylor Medrea, Brittany Price and Katelyn Trevino.

University of Oklahoma- Lauren Alexander, Hope Bruce and Taylor Spears.

San Jose State University- Cassandra Harrison and Allie Meyers.

Southeast Missouri State University- Erin Brady.

Rutgers University- Alyssa Straub.

Stanford University- Lauren Caldemeyer and Amanda Spinner.

University of Utah- Lia Del Priore, Alyssa Gale, Hailee Hansen, Mary Beth Lofgren, Corrie Lothrop and Victoria Shanley.

University of Washington- Lara Albright and Aliza Vaccher.

University of West Virginia- Hope Sloanhoffer.