Hello, readers!

I apologize for my extended absence, everyone. School has been difficult and there has been a distinct lack of gymnastics news.

Highlights as of late:

Nastia Liukin and Evan Lysacek are confused. They don’t know if they are dating or not.

Shawn Johnson tried skiing, hurt her knee, had surgery, and is now recovering and deciding if she wants to come back to gymnastics.

Chris Brooks OWNED at Winter Cup and got an invitation to the American Cup to compete with Rebecca Bross and a yet to be determined addition US Female. Daniel Keatings (Great Britain), the 2009 World All-Around Silver Medallist will also be at American Cup this year in suburban Boston.

That is about it.

The University of Georgia is struggling this year, but Oklahoma and Oregon State are doing surprisingly well.

That is all.

Eventually, I will be back on top of things