On February 26, the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) ruled against Chinese gymnast Dong Fanxiao, a member of the 2000 Olympic Games team that won the bronze medal in the women’s team competition.

In addition to ruling against Dong, the FIG has requested that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) strip the Chinese team of their team bronze medal. Further, the FIG may rule to strip China from their team bronze medal at the 1999 World Championships, which China hosted in the city of Tianjin. If the IOC strips China of their Olympic bronze medal, those medals would be awarded to the United States, which finished in 4th place. If the FIG strips China of their World Championships bronze medal, those medals would go to 4th place team finisher, Ukraine.

A full report can be read here.

According to an official report on the FIG website, all international results obtained by Dong Fanxiao are to be nullified, and China is indeed to be stripped of their team bronze medal from the 1999 World Championships. Official results to be nullified are those from the 1999 World Gymnastics Championships, the 1999-2000 World Cup series, the 2000 Olympic Games, and the 2000 World Cup final.

As for the stripping of the Olympic bronze medal won by China in 2000, that is the decision of the International Olympic Committee. Usually, the IOC has a time limit of 8 years from the date of the incident before actions can no longer be taken, but we will have to see what decision the IOC makes in regards to the age-falsification.