Kayla Williams (USA, Center) with Vault Silver Medallist Ariella Kaeslin (SUI, left) and Bronze Medallist Youna Dufournet (FRA, right)

2009 World Vault Champion from the USA, Kayla Williams, has settled on a new training facility after a falling-out with her long-coaches at Bozhi’s GymNest in West Virginia.

The young Ms. Williams is now training with Mary Lee Tracy at her gym, Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy, in southwestern Ohio. Kayla joins 2010 Nastia Liukin Cup champion Lexie Priessman and National Team members Cassie Whitcomb and Amanda Jetter in the gym, in addition to adding her name to a long list of former gymnastics rockstars such as:

Ashley Priess (now at the University of Alabama)
Jennie Thompson
Kim Zmeskal
Alyssa Beckerman
Morgan White
Amanda Borden
Jaycie Phelps

What will this mean for Kayla? Well, some speculators over on the International Gymnastics Magazine Forum hope that Kayla’s Uneven Bars skills will improve, but wonder how Mary Lee Tracy will handle Kayla, as she has never had a true power gymnast before. How things pan out remains to be seen by the gymnastics community.

After being out of training for nearly four months, one cannot help but wonder if Kayla will be up to snuff by the time Visas come around in August and if she will be in consideration for another World Championships squad, especially with the return of American vaulting goddess Alicia Sacramone (who is rumored to be training an Amanar [Yurchenko Layout with 2.5 twists] AND a Handspring Layout with a double twist).