I am back, sort of.

The last few weeks of term were rather ridiculous between attending lectures, writing papers and exams and then writing final exams. INSANITY. I also landed a new job, working as a cashier for an evil, multi-national corporation bent on selling things at low prices and paying their employees even less. I will leave the actual company name to you all to discover.

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In gymnastics news, the USA dominated at the recent Pacific Rim Championships held in Melbourne, Australia. Jordyn Wieber (DeWitt, MI/Geddert’s Twistars USA) won the Junior All-Around with teammate Kyla Ross (Aliso Viejo, CA/GymMax) finishing second. Russia’s Anna Rodionova finished in third place, but only by virtue of the two-per-country ruling that stipulates only two gymnasts per country can win medals in an event. The third highest score of the meet for the juniors went to Sabrina Vega (Carmel, NY/Dynamic). In event finals, Kyla Ross (USA) won the Vault, Jordyn Wieber (USA) won the Uneven Bars and Floor Exercise while Tan Sixin (China) won the Balance Beam.

Senior Rebecca Bross (Plano, TX/WOGA) won the All-Around over teammate Alexandra (Aly) Raisman (Needham, MA/Brestyan’s). Third in the Senior All-Around went to Russia’s Ksenia Afanasyeva. In event finals, Canada’s Dominique Pegg (Sarnia, Ontario/Bluewater) won the Vault, Huang Qiushuang (China) won the Uneven Bars, while Rebecca Bross (USA) won the Balance Beam and Floor Exercise.

Full results can be found at: http://www.gymnastics.org.au/?ID=16183

In related Pacific Rim Championships news, aside from the USA dominating, Team China finished second with Team Australia finished in third. According to all reports from the competition the squad from New Zealand was the only squad to hit all of their routines in the team qualification event. Also according to reports, Bridget Sloan of the USA sustained an injury either before the competition or during training for the competition. A Russian gymnast also sustained an injury which caused the Russian team to count only three scores instead of four, taking them out of the running for a team medal. Also, Canada’s Brittany Rogers sustained a broken ankle on her Balance Beam dismount, taking her out of the rest of the competition and shaking team Canada up a bit. According to conversations with Brittany on twitter, she is doing well, and is visiting the doctor today. Bridget Sloan is also visiting a doctor today.

In OTHER news, the USA men won at Pacific Rim, too! Congrats to the USA teams! And to Shawn Johnson, who announced her intention to return to training and competition in an attempt to make her second Olympic Team in 2012.