Brittany Rogers (Canada) rockin' the cast. (courtesy of Brittany Rogers)

Canadian gymnast Brittany Rogers had a wonky landing on her Balance Beam dismount at the 2010 Pacific Rim Championships a few weeks ago in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. After spending a while in an air-cast (I think) and touring around Australia, Brittany returned to her native Vancouver and was placed in a plaster cast (no fun). According to Rogers, she is in a cast for four more weeks, plus one day.

Rogers’ injury will cause her to miss the 2010 Canadian National Championships to be held in Kamloops, British Columbia, but she is hopeful about making the 2010 World Championship team in October, stating “[I’ll miss] just nationals, maybe worlds…” and saying “I’ll do my very best, :D.” Of note, according to a recent tweet (Twitter posting), Brittany “did my first handstand since I broke my foot. Whaaaaaaaaat?!” She noted afterward that her injury occurred two weeks ago.

Brittany Rogers has competed internationally for Canada for a few years now, placing 9th All-Around at the 2009 American Cup in Chicago, Illinois, 19th All-Around and 7th on the Vault at the 2009 World Championships in London, United Kingdom, as well as 6th on Vault at the 2010 French International in Paris.

From first-hand communication with Brittany, she is quite the sweetheart and is always courteous and pleasant in conversation.

Here’s to a speedy recovery, Brit!!