Kayla Williams (Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy)

Reports from the International Gymnast Magazine Forum’s twitter account have stated that 2009 World Vault Champion Kayla Williams (Huntington, West Virginia / Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy) and Grace McLaughlin (Plano, Texas / WOGA) are to miss the 2010 edition of the CoverGirl Classic in Chicago, Illinois due to injuries. The injuries have not been specified as of this posting. Both gymnasts have already qualified to compete in the 2010 Visa Championships in Hartford, Connecticut.

In other Classic/Nationals news, UCLA junior standout gymnast Vanessa Zamarripa (O’ Fallon, IL / UCLA Gymnastics) has qualified to compete at the CoverGirl Classic en route to competing at the 2010 Visa Championships. Zamarripa is a phenomenal vaulter, as well as a strong competitor across the rest of the apparatus. She will join her future teammate Mattie Larson (Los Angeles, CA / All-Olympians) at the Classic. Larson, who has been out of commission with injuries, was last seen competing in the spring of 2009 when team USA toured Europe, competing in friendly competitions in Germany and France. Her clubmate Samantha Shapiro will also be back in action at the CoverGirl Classic.

The most exciting news to this blogger is the return of Alicia Sacramone (Winchester, Massachusetts / Brestyan’s). Sacramone announced her comeback at last year’s Visa Championships in Dallas, Texas. She is reported to be competing on the Vault and Balance Beam in Chicago, but rumors are circulating that she will be competing a third apparatus as well, Floor Exercise. That is just rumor and may not be confirmed until competition is underway in Chicago.

Ivana Hong (WOGA)

2009 World Balance Beam Bronze-Medallist Ivana Hong is recovering from her ACL tear sustained in February. All of her fans are wishing her a speedy recovery, as well as congratulate her on being the cover-girl for the Inside Gymnastics Magazine’s “Most Photogenic” Issue.