Jonathan Horton

For the second time in as many years, Jonathan Horton (Houston, Texas/Cypress Academy) has proclaimed himself to be the best All-Around male gymnast in the United States. After leading night one, Horton struggled in his first two performances on night two on the Parallel Bars and Horizontal Bar. At the end of the third rotation, he was 0.900 behind 18-year-old Danell Leyva (Miami, Florida/Universal). After an awesome Still Rings performance and a strong Handspring Double Front Tuck vault, Horton powered back to the top to win the 2010 Visa Gymnastics Championships by 2.300 points over Leyva and Ohio State University’s Brandon Wynn who climbed back from 8th place after four rotations.

In the individual events, Stanford University’s Joshua Dixon won the Floor Exercise (30.500 total) over Jake Dalton of the University of Oklahoma (30.300) and Jonathan Horton (30.250).

Over on the ever-perilous Pommel Horse, Daniel Ribiero of the University of Illinois (30.300) beat out Chris Cameron of the University of Michigan (29.250) and Glen Ishino of the University of California-Berkeley (29.150).

Kevin TanStill Rings belonged to Brandon Wynn of Ohio State with a massive 32.250 over Jonathan Horton’s 31.900 and Kevin Tan of Penn State University (30.950).

The highest combined score of the meet went to Steven Legendre of the University of Oklahoma. A 34.100 secured him the title of US National Vault Champion over Alex Buscaglia of Stanford University (32.800) and the University of Illinois’ Paul Ruggeri (32.700).

Danell LeyvaAll-Around Silver Medallist, Danell Leyva, picked up a gold medal on the Parallel Bars with a score of 31.100 over Chris Brooks of the University of Oklahoma (30.950) and Ryan Lieberman of Stanford University and Brandon Wynn of Ohio State, both of whom scored 30.500.

Chris Brooks added Horizontal Bar gold to his Parallel Bars silver scoring a 31.250 to beat out Paul Ruggeri of the University of Illinois (31.200) and Danell Leyva (30.950).

The world Championships team is to be named tonight, but the announcement has yet to be made.

Based on the All-Around and Individual Event results, my picks for the team are:

  • Jonathan Horton
  • Danell Leyva
  • Brandon Wynn
  • Chris Brooks
  • Steven Legendre
  • Paul Ruggeri/Daniel Ribiero

Horton and Leyva could be incredibly competitive as All-Arounders come the World Championships in October and both could realistically qualify to Event Finals in Rotterdam (Horton on Floor Exercise, Still Rings and Horizontal Bar, Leyva on Parallel Bars and Horizontal Bar).

Brandon Wynn could make the Still Rings final and procure a medal with hit sets.

Chris Brooks, if fully healed and healthy in Rotterdam could be an All-Around threat as well, but could make the Event Final for Horizontal Bar and Parallel Bars.

Steven Legendre is a powerhouse and could legitimately make the Vault and Floor Exercise finals with strong sets in qualification.

The final spot is a toss-up between two strong University of Illinois gymnasts, Paul Ruggeri and Daniel Ribiero. With team medals on the line in Rotterdam, I could understand the USA taking Daniel Ribiero for his strength on the Pommel Horse. Ribiero is quite possibly the best Pommel Horse worker since the USA had Alexander Artemev.

It will be interesting to see who Team USA sends to Rotterdam.