Bonjour, Hola, Sawat-dee, Konnichiwa, Ni Hao, G’Day and Hello.

I promise the universe I’ve not died, but have been in a state of flux since, oh, July.

I have tried my best to keep up with the gymnastics universe, but have failed miserably.

Since Nationals, quite a bit has happened. Turns out that I didn’t post who won the Senior Women’s title in Hartford, or the individual champions, my apologies. You all probably remember that Rebecca Bross won her first senior national title, Alicia Sacramone made her impressive comeback winning the Vault and medalling on the Balance Beam. Rebecca Bross went on to win the Uneven Bars and (I believe) the Balance Beam, leaving powerhouse Kytra Hunter to win the Floor Exercise.

About two months later, the USA Named its Women’s World Championships Team: Alicia Sacramone, Rebecca Bross, Alexandra Raisman, Bridget Sloan, Mackenzie Caquatto, Mattie Larson and Chelsea Davis.

I have yet to watch any coverage of the World Championships, and have obtained all of my information from amazing Twitter updates from Gymnastike (@Gymnastike), Gymnastics Coaching (@GymCoaching) and Full Twist (@Full_Twist).

Upon watching the Team Finals, All-Around Finals and Event Finals, I will post my thoughts.

Congratulations to the Champions! Stay tuned for fun times!