I’m back, sort of.

I’ve moved across the country, restarted my education, lost a battle with a former friend, landed a sweet coaching job, dedicated myself to getting back into gymnastics shape and eventually competition shape, and finally settled into a new routine for my life.

First things first:

The most exciting news I’ve heard all day: Brittany Rogers (2009 World Vault Finalist) of Canada has been given the green light from her surgeon to start rebuilding her gymnastics career following a broken ankle last may at the Pacific Rim Championships in Australia. She’s been out of commission for a while as the bone healed and now will resume full training. Her immediate goals according to conversations on Twitter: Canadian National Championships at the end of may in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. I think I speak for the entire legion of Brittany’s fans when I say: YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats, Brittany! We’re excited to see you make your amazing comeback!


I am now a student at the University of Utah. That means gymnastics meets. Quite a few of them. Since the season began, we have hosted UCLA (we won), Stanford (they won) and Arizona State (we won). We’ve also competed at the University of Georgia (we won) and at the University of Nebraska (we won). We host the #13-ranked University of Washington this weekend at the Huntsman Center and #8-ranked University of Michigan next weekend.

The RedRocks are currently ranked 3rd behind the two ridiculously strong teams from the #1-ranked University of Florida and #2-ranked Stanford University.

Rounding out the Top 15 schools are:

#4 University of Georgia
#5 University of Oklahoma
#6 Oregon State University
#7 University of Alabama
#9 University of Nebraska
#10 UCLA
#11 University of Arkansas
#12 Boise State University
#14 Kent State University
#15 Ohio State University

Big surprises for me in this week’s rankings: Boise State and Kent State. Both are very strong programs, but up until recently have lacked the big scores being brought in by the traditionally higher-ranked teams. Another surprise is UCLA down in the #10 spot. The defending NCAA Champions are dealing with some major injuries and suffered some less than desirable results and line-up changes. The biggest shock to them this year is quite likely the loss to #22 Southern Utah. Though I’m hoping for Stanford to take the NCAA title this year, I’d like to see UCLA get back on track and contend for a spot at the NCAAs at the very least and the Super Six at the very best.

More is to come.

Now that I have my life more-or-less sorted out, I plan to be here at least twice a week if at all possible.

Thanks everyone!