The latest rankings for NCAA Women’s Gymnastics have been released and there is not too much change at the top of the list.

Powerhouse team Florida retains their top spot with an average 197.150.

Mega strong beam working team Stanford holds onto number two with a 196.650 average while my beloved Utah sits in a comfortable third with a 196.300.

Oklahoma has moved up into the fourth spot (196.118) while Georgia has fallen to number five (196.043) after what Coach Jay Clark called an “uninspired” competition against #1 Florida this past weekend. UCLA also moves up from #10 to #9 after finishing third at the IGI Chicago Style meet where #2 Stanford beat out #8 Michigan.

Pleasant surprises: Boise State at #11, Kent State at #16, Denver at #19. It’s really nice to see lesser-known teams make the top 25.

Not-so-pleasant surprises: UCLA at #9, LSU at #21.