As many of you may know, the University of California-Berkeley (Cal) had five sports teams cut earlier this academic year: Men’s Gymnastics, Women’s Gymnastics, Men’s Rugby, Women’s Lacrosse and Men’s Baseball.

As of last week, Women’s Gymnastics, Women’s Lacrosse and Men’s Rugby were reinstated due to fund-raising efforts and Title IX issues. Men’s Gymnastics and Baseball remain cut.

“If you have not already heard, Cal Men’s Gymnastics & Baseball were not reinstated.

Women’s gymnastics, lacrosse and men’s rugby were reinstated.

I am just as disappointed as you are all. I have been in contact with the heads of the baseball fundraising effort and they are just as committed as ever to keep fighting this and gymnastics is as well. So I ask all of you to please keep the faith and that we are not done fighting this by any means.

Our strongest weapon right now is to keep the media pressure on and to keep raising money via pledges. We will be working side by side with Save Cal Sports so please email the following people with why you want be sending them money until all 5 sports are reinstated.

Chancellor Robert Birgeneau-

Vice Chancellor Frank Yeary-

Athletic Director Sandy Barbour –

Men’s Gymnastics and Baseball have vowed to keep fighting to keep their sports alive and part of the Cal community. I fully support their cause. Though my available funds for donation are nothing near enough, I firmly believe that every little bit counts.

Cal’s hardship also strengthens my resolve to get both Men’s and Women’s gymnastics established at a University in Texas. With Men’s programs dropping like flies, these amazingly talented young men need someplace to go to hone their skills and master their craft. To deny them that is to effectively endorse the idea that gymnastics is not an important sport. That idea is completely false and the great sport of gymnastics, one of the most popular sports for children in the country, the most popular event at the Summer Olympic Games, needs to be built up, advertised, marketed and supported.

We all need to keep fighting for gymnastics. Not just in Texas. Not just at UC-Berkeley, but all over the country.

Good luck, Cal Gymnastics. We’ve got your back!