Nansy Damianova (CAN) - 2007 World Championships, Stuttgart, Germany

Last night, though not thoroughly obvious, was a coming out party for Utah’s Montréal-born Nansy Damianova.

On her three apparatus last night against the University of Michigan, Damianova matched season and career high scores on the Vault (9.850) and Uneven Bars (9.825) and set her season and career high on the Floor Exercise with a 9.875.

What Nansy has working in her favor is consistency. No score lower than a 9.825 on the Vault, no lower than 9.750 on the Uneven Bars and Floor Exercise. Her averages: 9.839 for Vault, 9.782 for Uneven Bars, 9.803 for Floor Exercise.

Nansy’s consistency will do her very well here at the University of Utah. Her experience competing on the gymnastics’ largest stages – the World Championships and the Olympic Games – where crowds number in the tens of thousands, leaves her unfazed in the Huntsman Center, where audiences average over 13,000 fans easily.

Nansy also has a natural ability to perform. Her Floor Exercise routine is sassy and sultry, set to a very Montréal-esque accordion-infused tango, possibly by Gotan Project (actual artist is unknown, unfortunately). Nansy performs it. She executes every movement with precision, contorts her body to fit her attitude and presents an entire package. The last 30 seconds or so of her routine has every member of the audience clapping to the beat of her music, cheering her on, pushing her to a solid final pass and an incredible roar from an enthusiastic crowd.

Hot and dangerous. Don’t count her out. Her consistency speaks for itself and her scores are a crystal-clear reflection of that consistency. Nansy is great for Utah, now and in the future.