There is a bit of buzz going on around the gymnastics world lately.

It could be because of the current Canadian National Championships (Congrats to Jackson Payne and Madeline Gardiner, the Senior All-Around Champions), or the most recent US National Team Training Camp at the Karolyi Ranch in Texas.

Buzz from Canada: Brittany Rogers is BACK! Dominique Pegg had some issues in finals after being strong in qualifications.

—Watch Brittany’s new choreography on Floor Exercise right here on Examiner.

From Texas: Will Alicia Sacramone be competing the “Sacramone” vault this summer? There is video of Sacramone performing a Handspring Layout Double Twist vault, something never before performed by a woman.

See the video below or click here to see it on YouTube.

The clip of the vault is at 2:57.

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Russia is confident in the strong return of both Viktoria Komova and Aliya Mustafina. Both gymnasts are out with injuries recently sustained, likely until the early parts of 2012. Komova handily won the 2010 Youth Olympic Games title in Singapore. Mustafina is the reigning World All-Around Champion.

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That is all for now… More news and stuff to come!