Solid on the DTY for China on Vault!


Come on Gabby! Sell it!! You got this, girl!
BRILLIANT Tucked Full-In!
One more pass. Keep it in!

A hit for Gabby!!!!!!

Solid Double Arabian.
The crowd is getting behind her routine! 😀

Russia totals a 178.530.

The USA needs an average of 13.433 to secure the gold medal.

In their first Olympic Team Final in history, Canada will finish well.

Meanwhile, Afanasyeva crashes a tumbling pass and takes Russia fully out of the race, it seems.

She stepped WAY too far out of her 1.5 twist combination pass and couldn’t even complete the pass. Shame. She’s good on the floor on a good day.

This will remove Russia from gold medal contention. It isn’t over until it is over. Afanasyeva to anchor. She is 2011 World Champion on Floor.